What does one say here?
Well I am over 35 and under 40. I work for NavCanada in Flight Planning but have been in a full time elected position (outside the workplace) for over 3 years. I love my job but that’s not what I’m likely to blog about.
I am recently married to a fantastic man who does no share in many of my “lifestyle choices”. That I WILL likely blog about.
I have a 13 year old son who lives primarily with his dad a fair distance away. Its a tough commute that doesn’t happen often enough but we work with what we have.
My husband and I share our home with 2 minature daschunds (Molly and Molson), and 2 cats (Charlie and Doof). I’m sure they will also make their way into this blog. We also have some guppies but they seldom cause a ruckus and I’m not likely to mention them again. I’m sure they are thrilled with this honourable mention as is.
There are many other important people in my life and I’m sure they will make their way into the blog. I will try to put people in context when introducing them. But before I start-you need to know that Brianne (Bri) is my primary training partner in both running and crossfit and, well, life in general. Her blog is http://www.lola1979.wordpress.com.
OH YA! Running and crossfit-that’s what I obsess about and that’s what I’ll be writing about. Also, my switch to paleo eating (one week strong) and I’m hoping to do some triathlon training.
That’s me in a nutshell. I’m not one to candy coat and I write like I speak, dripping with sarcasm. So if your feeling (that’s right one) gets hurt easily I may unintentionally drive you away. Appologize in advance 🙂


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