Wish You Were Here

I just have to say, that not being with my family on Mother’s Day kind of sucked.  I realize its just a day on a calendar and what really counts is the time you spend with them.  But seriously it sucked balls (can I say that? I’m saying it).

To try and pass the time this morning I went for a walk early in the morning.  You know who is on the paths at 7am? Runners.  And so on top of missing my family, I started to miss my friends.  I realized I miss the gentle sound of a fellow runner’s feet hitting the pavement, quite often in unison with mine.   I realized I miss the sound of someone else breathing hard with the effort of running.  I realized that without the support of my friends and fellow runners I have about zero motivation to run!!

So on the up side, the tulip festival is under way and I did get some pictures to share with everyone.  It was lonely, but it was pretty.




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