So it was a busy travel week.  The later half was spent in Halifax, Nova Scotia and you know, I didn’t even THINK to take a picture to post on here.  What is wrong with me!?

I actually think I know the answer.  I get so consumed by the idea of travel and how busy I am that I let go of everything else!!  Seriously.  I ran once (the day I got there), and I didn’t track what I ate-which leads to me eating anything and everything (because apparently I think I don’t gain weight when I’m not writing it down which I am acutely aware that in fact I DO and that’s the problem), I didn’t blog, walk, or drink water. 

And what’s on my upcoming schedule? 2 more weeks of travel! So if you have a great idea….please…..send it to me because what I got isn’t working for me.


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