Wish You Were Here

I just have to say, that not being with my family on Mother’s Day kind of sucked.  I realize its just a day on a calendar and what really counts is the time you spend with them.  But seriously it sucked balls (can I say that? I’m saying it).

To try and pass the time this morning I went for a walk early in the morning.  You know who is on the paths at 7am? Runners.  And so on top of missing my family, I started to miss my friends.  I realized I miss the gentle sound of a fellow runner’s feet hitting the pavement, quite often in unison with mine.   I realized I miss the sound of someone else breathing hard with the effort of running.  I realized that without the support of my friends and fellow runners I have about zero motivation to run!!

So on the up side, the tulip festival is under way and I did get some pictures to share with everyone.  It was lonely, but it was pretty.




The Small Things

I’m in Ottawa.  (yep, on the road again….I know, I know, I just got home! believe me.  I know) 

So I woke up this morning, I was drinking my coffee and I decided I am still not a morning person.  I’m not ready to run yet, maybe I could just go for a walk.  So I convince a friend to go with me (it didn’t take much really-one text).  The walk was beautiful! The air is crisp, the sun is shinning, there’s a path along the canal and just as we are about to cross the street back to our hotel I see it!  A sign.  No literally, it was a sign.  The Scone Witch has relocated (if you haven’t been and you are in Ottawa, you should fix that) ACROSS THE STREET from my hotel!!  Stay tuned for pictures of absolute deliciousness 🙂 

Isn’t it funny how the smallest discovery can just absolutely make your day.


So it was a busy travel week.  The later half was spent in Halifax, Nova Scotia and you know, I didn’t even THINK to take a picture to post on here.  What is wrong with me!?

I actually think I know the answer.  I get so consumed by the idea of travel and how busy I am that I let go of everything else!!  Seriously.  I ran once (the day I got there), and I didn’t track what I ate-which leads to me eating anything and everything (because apparently I think I don’t gain weight when I’m not writing it down which I am acutely aware that in fact I DO and that’s the problem), I didn’t blog, walk, or drink water. 

And what’s on my upcoming schedule? 2 more weeks of travel! So if you have a great idea….please…..send it to me because what I got isn’t working for me.