It’s All About The Angles


Darryl took this photo as I helped MJ in her “practice Easter egg hunt”.  And I look so skinny I need to post it! lol

Yes we had a practice Easter egg hunt!!!  We didn’t want to be embarrassed with a 16 month old in a field of chocolate and not know what to do.  So we did a mini mock up at home and let her have a chocolate so she got the point, because like her mom, she WILL work for chocolate. 

And now after a long weekend of eating I will concentrate on getting back to eating right and working out…..I did a hill run today.  I was a little (read a whole lot) hesitant to get back out there and run after Friday’s experience.  Thanks to many of you who took time to read and comment on my last post I knew I just had to pick myself up, dust myself off, and get back out there.  Success!! Thank you all for your support.


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