I am a domestic goddess

That’s right! I MADE this!!! Are you jealous??
OK so its a total Pinterest hack. And a not very good one at that. But the kids liked them and they tasted alright so its alright by me. I also tried a new recipe I pinned for dinner. Living on the wild side! Serving untested dishes to company.

I am a domestic goddess

Fresh Start

I think spring may finally be here but I don’t want to jinx it!   I have also decided to start fresh.  I have mostly wiped this site clean because so much has changed and I have no idea where this is going to take me.  One thing remains, I am “Cassey Not Classy”.  So if you are still out there, send me a quick hello so I know who is still reading and join me on another random journey.

(perhaps I should include a warning that this won’t be all “paleo” and “crossfit”……although crossfit may be making a reappearance in my life……)